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Executive Board

Chair: Scherod Barnes, 43rd District

1st Vice Chair: Joyce Smith, 41st District

2nd Vice Chair: Karenthia Barber, 43rd District

Recording Secretary: Lela Campbell, 44A District

Corresponding Secretary: Sylvia Williams, 43rd District

Treasurer: Michael Ball, Treasurer., 46th District

Sgt. at Arms: Betty Clark, 40th District

Bob Murrary, 46th District

Tim Bridges, 44A District

Members by District

District 40

Elected Member

Sandra Almond-Cooper, Marshall Bell, Gary Brown, Jr., Betty Clark (District Chair), Arlene Fisher, Former Councilwoman Agnes Welch, and Tiffany Welch

At-Large Members

Keenen Geter, Councilman William A. Welch, and Michael May

District 41

Elected Member

Delegate Balil Ali, Delegate Angela C. Gibson (District Chair)Joyce J. Smith, Former Councilwoman Rikki Spector, and Wanda Wallace

At-Large Members

Chezie T. Cager and Isaac Schleifer

District 43

Elected Member

Karenthia Barber, Scherod Barnes, Beatrice Brown (District Chair), Odette Ramos, Darryl E. Strange, Ida Ward, and Sylvia Williams

District 44A

Elected Member

Timothy Bridges (District Chair), Kyle Berkley, Lela Campbell, Joy Carter, Edith Gilliard-Canty, Delegate Keith Haynes, and Roxanne Prettyman

At-Large Members

Westley Wilson

District 45

Elected Member

Ronald Bailey, Eric Booker, Nina Harper (District Chair)Sharon McCollough, and Councilman Brandon Scott

At-Large Members

Chanel Branch and Margie E. Fleming Brinkley

District 46

Elected Member

Michael Ball; Betty Bland-Thomas; Cynthia Hendricks Jones; Baltimore Bob Murray (District Chair); John E. Wesby, Jr.; Denise Bartenfelder Whitman

At-Large Members

Mark Edelson  and Jeremy Rosendale

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